Simple Regular Reporting

PlanHQ Product Enhancements | Jeremy | 0 Comments

In our enhancements of the application we are replacing the document tab with a more detailed Reports tab, which is simpler to use and encourages more frequent evaluation of what you have achieved and where your plan is heading: The new reporting tab will allow you to view your past progress as well as your future plans over different time periods and by business area.You...(Read more)

Major Enhancements to PlanHQ

PlanHQ Product Enhancements | Amiria | 2 Comments

We are excited to inform you that next week there will be some major enhancements to PlanHQ. We are thrilled about the upgrades and hope that you will enjoy them too! There are 3 major changes you can expect to see: A brand new, simpler to use interface with a more consistent user experience and a greater focus on achieving your business's goals, hitting your financial targets and...(Read more)

Make a Difference - Start a business

Do it Yourself, You - Direction - Energy, sustainability | Tim Norton | 0 Comments

There's a lot of talk about making a difference nowadays, although I'm not sure too many people feel they know how to do anything significant beyond talking and maybe making a few small changes in their life, which is good, but I think there's a really simple way to start on the path to something bigger. If you go into business to make money, then I...(Read more)

What I’ll do when I’ve ‘made it’ - Bigger things

Big answers, You - Direction - Energy, sustainability | Tim Norton | 4 Comments

There's so many ways to do something in the world that I feel I've had to touch but largely walk past until further notice... that further notice is having the time, ability and influence to be able to do something. I feel like I'm in stage 1 of life right now, quietly building up ability and influence, give back as part of my ventures and...(Read more)

Where do you fit in the conversation?

Customer Experience, Marketing Machine, Pitching | Tim Norton | 1 Comment

We spend a lot of time talking with people, and we also spend quite a lot of time designing product and marketing and communications stuff, and the thing thats really been driving a lot of thinking recently, is where do we fit in conversations? Go with the flow People are already having a tonne of conversations everyday, we all talk about things we love, and hate, our...(Read more)