Island 2.0 - 100,000 more bottles and there’s more land

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I wrote about Richy Sowa and his Spiral Island initiative last year in How to Make an Island and solve a few of the worlds problems. He had already made one amazing island from some 300,000 bottles, but it got destroyed by a hurricane, and last year in September, he had just started rebuilding… Well its just over a year on, and he now has a new home in Mexico, floating on 100,000 left over plastic bottles an island with house, solar panels, fresh water system and more… Has to be seen to be believed, so until any of us get to Mexico, this video will have to do…


Watch the Latest Video Tour of the new Island

Find more videos like this on Richie Sowa’s Spiral Island II

Sailing the world and generating power

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Sailing the world and generating power

I had the pleasure this weekend of sailing around the Wellington Harbour with captain Glenn Andert and his partner Pamela in the learjet that he's been sailing for the last 3 years around the pacific between home #1 in California and his new home with Pamela at #2 - New Zealand. (The bend in the windmill blades is an illusion from the iphone capture I'm pretty...(Read more)

Mexico is getting bigger - How to build an island upate

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Mexico is getting bigger - How to build an island upate

Last year I posted about How to make an island and solve a few of the worlds problems, 8 months on and a whole bunch of volunteers have now got involved in building the 2nd Spiral Island, and here's where its at Find more photos like this on Richie Sowa's Spiral Island From Randy McCallum - "The Island is now about 25 meters (80 feet) long,...(Read more)

Make it Real - and open your mind

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Our friends over at Ponoko who let you make real things that get cut out of wood and plastic from your designs that you put on their website, are running a design competition, details here. One of my real good buddies Pete Black makes and designs all sorts of stuff. I've worked on with Pete on software and web projects for a few years a...(Read more)

Finished - Change the world one wall at a time

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If you missed it here's day 1 and day 2 of the wall painting, and below the finished product... speaks for itself... Big thanks to Ruth Abraham - The Scotish Muralist, this is magic and lights up the wall in my house that doesn't look out to the ocean. A few shots from day 3 and 4.... and the last run at 4am I think...

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