PlanHQ Lil Tweaks and Fixes

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These are all the small tweaks and fixes requested by you as customers or found by the PlanHQ crew that will be or have recently been fixed. If you think something should be on here, or have logged a bug through the feedback form in PlanHQ, then leave a comment and we’ll get back to you and bring this page up to date.

Tweaks to Come

  • Dashboard/Goal Action Counts, update without refresh
  • Goal Comments/Messages need a subject field (so behaves like a normal email)
  • Reminder emails for when an upcoming goal is due

Recently Tweaked

  • 8/19 Login from - Check if someone is logged in when they go to the login page from main website and take them straight through to their dashboard
  • 8/19 Dynamic Notifications (eg. just added or rescheduled an action) and fade away
  • 8/18 Long action names: show “…” in closed action so you know to click to get more
  • 8/14 Create links for text added into descriptions and comments etc. When you put a url in here it will automatically turn into a link
  • 8/11 Add multiple actions in a row - New “Add another action” link
  • 8/11 Action Permalinks: when you open up an action, you can see its permalink. You can copy this link for emailing and manual integration with other systems. All our action item emails now contain this link in the around. The link takes you to an action and opens it up instantly.
  • 8/07 File Upload - This is now a dynamic AJAX action, so the page doesn’t reload each time.
  • 7/29 Permalinks to Actions: links to actions in emails take you to the open action form on the goal
  • 7/28 Dynamic Title tags
  • 7/28 Action Length - Show whole name when opening an action
  • 7/28 Action Emails - Show what Person has done as separate heading and show current person responsible on all
  • 7/22 Show ‘All’ Actions on dashboard or team schedule page


Not Sure if we’ll do

  • It should be possible for a third-party (or the ticket owner) to add
    someone to a ticket (cc)

Not to be done

  • Add an action without a goal: Reason - PlanHQ helps make sure every action contributes toward a Goal, so that its aligned with something important for the business.

Please leave any comments or ask any questions below.

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