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Super Quick Action Re-sheduling

PlanHQ Howto, PlanHQ Product Enhancements | Tim Norton | 2 Comments

As you and your team move through your week and month ahead, you re-prioritize and re-schedule as new opportunities arise, your focus becomes clearer, and you get a feel for how much you’ll still be able to do by the weeks end, so your productivity and management tools need to make this process super quick for you!

Fast re-scheduling

Until now when you re-schedule actions on PlanHQ you’ve had to open an action, make a change and re-save it, and if you’d made lots of changes, sometimes you’d have to refresh your dashboard, team, or goal page to get the updated view once you’d made lots of changes. Well, we’ve heard the pain and felt it ourselves, and working close will cool customers like Steve Krein and the team at Organized Wisdom, we’re pleased to say, we’ve just made this a whole lot quicker. You can quickly change the due date of an action without having to open the action, and when you’ve changed a date, the action automagically moves to where it needs to (eg. this week, next week…). Here’s a quick video of it in action.

Managers and Staff Member Security Roles in PlanHQ

PlanHQ Howto, PlanHQ Product Enhancements | PlanHQ | 0 Comments

Managers and Staff Member Security Roles in PlanHQ

We've simplified the security roles in PlanHQ so you can get your whole team involved and limit who sees what that when you add a team member you can make them either: Manager: Has unrestricted access. They can view and manage all the company data, including financials, others private goals and reports Staff Members: Restricted access - Cannot view the company reports, Have summary or no access...(Read more)

PlanHQ in sync with ical, google calendar and your iphone

PlanHQ Howto, PlanHQ Product Enhancements | PlanHQ | 1 Comment

PlanHQ in sync with ical, google calendar and your iphone

If you live by your calendar being with you everywhere, then you'll know how much you need your Business Management and Getting things done tools like PlanHQ to play with your other calendars; on your computer, on the web and on your phone. If you're not already using it, get your PlanHQ plan pushing out to your ical calendar and mobile. Start by clicking on...(Read more)

Track your progress, see what you’ve done

PlanHQ Howto | PlanHQ | 1 Comment

When you're managing your weekly priorities and getting things done, its good to look back over the week as it comes to an end, and over the last few weeks and see what you and your team have actually done. We've just added in simple progress tracking on team members, so you can look over you and your team members progress over the last...(Read more)

Managing Weekly Priorities as a Team

Getting Things Done, PlanHQ Howto | PlanHQ | 3 Comments

We're pretty big on managing our workload for the week ahead, and PlanHQ has been made to make this really easy to do it for yourself and together as a team. We've got heaps on, and every person is working on things towards achieving multiple goals across the business, so on Monday we get together and see whats on each others plate for the week...(Read more)

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