Organising Your Email Communication Around Goals and Action

PlanHQ Product Enhancements | Tim Norton | 2 Comments

We all get overloaded with email, its so easy to send a message, that often all we do is drown each other in fragmented communication, but then we’ve all got to find the action in the message and make stuff happen!

The best emails are ones that drive action and outcomes, so in PlanHQ we keep adding more ability for you and your team to email each other around actions and goals, so that every email has a purpose, and a next step. For a long time, when you add, make progress on and complete goals and actions in PlanHQ, the people responsible get emailed and pulled back into the action or goal, so the email always has context for action.

In the past few weeks, again working closely with customers like Organized Wisdom, we’ve added in 3 new improvements to email in PlanHQ, so you can spend more time in your plan achieving goals, and less time lost in your inbox.

Subscribe to Goals & Actions

If you’re not directly working on a goal (don’t have any actions), you can now subscribe to the goal and choose to either just receive changes or updates to the goal, such as change of date, comments or completions, or all the actions on the goal, so you see everyone creating, progressing on and completing actions. This an be great if you’ve got an adviser who wants to track your progress but doesn’t have any actions of their own to complete.

planhq subscribe to goals

Email Files

Instead of having to email files to each other, you can upload them against the goal you’re working on in PlanHQ and choose to email anyone in the team with a link to the file, so they get it immediately, and come come in and get it anytme from the goal.

planhq email files

Email Comments/Messages

When you make comments on a goal, you can now choose to email anyone in the team, so instead of reaching for the new message button in the inbox, post a comment against the goal in PlanHQ, so people can read it now, have a link straight into the goal so they can take action, and checkout the history of messages anytime later.

planhq email comments on goals

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  1. Hey, nice work. This was something I had felt was missing. Cheers, Galen

    Galen | Jul 28th, 2008 at 9:06 pm
  2. “The best emails are ones that drive action and outcomes” … or make you laff (which you could place into the “action” basket).

    Great addition to the functionality - recognising that people don’t sit inside thew application waiting for it to tell them what to do seems to be a skill that not every software vendor posses :-)

    Mike Riversdale | Jul 28th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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