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This week we’ve gone live with a new feature for PlanHQ that allows you to search within your plan for any text in a goal, action item or the name of a file upload (including comments and updates on these). Several of you have asked for this, to help you find things inside your busy and still growing business plans, and with the search bar on every page, this should be much easier now.

Search in action
PlanHQ search sample

Where do you fit in the conversation?

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We spend a lot of time talking with people, and we also spend quite a lot of time designing product and marketing and communications stuff, and the thing thats really been driving a lot of thinking recently, is where do we fit in conversations? Go with the flow People are already having a tonne of conversations everyday, we all talk about things we love, and hate, our...(Read more)

Share the love - happy customers are cool

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Share the love - happy customers are cool

Nik just sent an email around our team with a few cool comments he's received in the support box from customers over the last few weeks, to share the love with the rest of us. It's great to get this sort of stuff come in from customers, we like many cool companies don't just make a product and push it out there, we're trying to make...(Read more)

Water the plants you have - Happy Customers

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Water the plants you have - Happy Customers

When you're in business, you always want happy customers. Focusing on money and sales may get you somewhere, but if you want long term success you need to focus on creating and managing an awesome customer experience. A good customer experience can easily become your number 1 sales and marketing asset, generating genuine positive word of mouth which gives you sales, at no direct cost. A...(Read more)

5 ways to Go Global and Go Big the smart way

Customer Experience, Going Global, build a killer team, starting-up | PlanHQ | 1 Comment

There's a business model that is emerging and proving itself through some very significant real success stories now, and its exciting because its a way of operating every small business can live by to create significant global impact and success. I've just been listening to Mark Zuckerberg here at the web 2.0 summit, the very young founder of what is emerging as the largest most used...(Read more)

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