Code names, Celebrations and Pavlova

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Code names, Celebrations and Pavlova

When you've got something big to do that will take some time, a code name can be perfect, then when you're spending all those tireless hours and moments battling with getting things right, you can always just lean on the code name as a light hearted reminder that all is well. Our latest release was code named Pavlova by Nik as a follow-on from our...(Read more)

Doing some simple sustainable office things…

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Doing some simple sustainable office things…

All the big guys are 'getting into sustainability' these days, but this is more often than not driven from the marketing department as a PR initiative. I'm not cynical, its possibly better than nothing - sure, but does it actually mean any real change happens in behavior? Maybe sometimes,  but I think in reality it can actually do quite the opposite, as people end up eating...(Read more)

The New PlanHQ is here…

PlanHQ | Tim Norton | 7 Comments

After a solid 2 months under the radar, and heaps of customer feedback, we're really happy to launch the 3rd major release of PlanHQ. Launched last night, its a real credit to everyone in the team for pulling this off, we've worked close to get it right, and Amiria, Jeremy, Koz, Nik and Oli have done a great job. For more details checkout the tour. Dashboard...(Read more)

New PlanHQ Website and Focus

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We've been very busy for the last couple of months doing a major new release of our business plan software tool PlanHQ, to make it even more simple and usable and really focused on making you achieve your goals. We want you to achieve your plan, so the focus is on helping you get a plan, get it done, and get better. We've also launched a...(Read more)

How to be an early riser

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I've enjoyed the nights for much of my life, I've come up with some of my best ideas, started businesses, built my international network, designed things, made music, and generally done some of my best stuff in the quiet hours of the late evening and wee hours. Often after a busy day getting things done, the evenings are a place where I find my peace, and...(Read more)