Make it Real - and open your mind

Inspiration | Tim Norton | 2 Comments

Our friends over at Ponoko who let you make real things that get cut out of wood and plastic from your designs that you put on their website, are running a design competition, details here. One of my real good buddies Pete Black makes and designs all sorts of stuff. I've worked on with Pete on software and web projects for a few years a...(Read more)

Enhanced Team Security on Financials

PlanHQ Product Enhancements | Tim Norton | 3 Comments

Plenty of people have been asking for some additional security around the financial aspects of PlanHQ and who in there team can see and manage what parts of it, and I'm pleased to say that we've just put in some simple security roles that allow you to provide limited access to financials for some of your team members and shut it off completely for others...(Read more)

Finished - Change the world one wall at a time

Balance, Inspiration | Tim Norton | 0 Comments

If you missed it here's day 1 and day 2 of the wall painting, and below the finished product... speaks for itself... Big thanks to Ruth Abraham - The Scotish Muralist, this is magic and lights up the wall in my house that doesn't look out to the ocean. A few shots from day 3 and 4.... and the last run at 4am I think...

Jeremy Olliver joins PlanHQ

PlanHQ | Tim Norton | 0 Comments

Jeremy has been on the team as a new ruby on rails developer for the last few months over the summer of code program, but with that now over (the sun is still shining though!), we're keeping Jeremy on board close to full-time while he finishes off his last year at Uni. Godo to have you on board Jeremy, Check him out here - Jeremy...(Read more)

Hit it Hard and do something properly

Raising Capital, entrepreneurs, starting-up | Tim Norton | 0 Comments

Hit it Hard and do something properly

Following on from the video on Patrick saving the then dying and raising fresh money and changing the thinking to pull off the now successful, this Video is of entrepreneur James Currier (behind,, and telling his story of how he's learned to hit it...(Read more)