Make a Difference - Start a business

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There’s a lot of talk about making a difference nowadays, although I’m not sure too many people feel they know how to do anything significant beyond talking and maybe making a few small changes in their life, which is good, but I think there’s a really simple way to start on the path to something bigger.

If you go into business to make money, then I guess you’re doing what you’re doing, and this doesn’t apply, but if you want to do something in the world, and have the passion and energy to follow through, then going into business is one of those key steps that you’re almost certain to take at some point.

If you’re just sick of seeing a part of the world a certain way, then jump past the initial frustration, know that you can do something about it. The fact that it is the way it is and you’re not happy about it is your opportunity to do something and your source of eternal energy to make it happen.

Take back your weekdays

But you may feel like your 40 or so hours a week are taken up by ‘work’ and changing the world is only for your spare time. So start with your spare time, follow your nose into the things you believe in and the world of possibilities you see in your mind, and if you stick with this, you’ll eventually find a way you can do this and make money at the same time, and then voila, you’re in business… and you’re making a difference at the same time

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