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Hit it Hard and do something properly

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Following on from the video on Patrick saving the then dying garageband.com and raising fresh money and changing the thinking to pull off the now successful ilike.com, this Video is of entrepreneur James Currier (behind www.tickle.com, www.ringo.com, and www.lovehappens.com) telling his story of how he’s learned to hit it hard, and do something properly. There’s some funny as bits in here, and can really relate to this, all of us as entrepreneurs need to shrink and focus our ideas to something we can do really well, and buy/raise ourselves enough space and money to do this without distraction!

Knowing when to keep going, and what to change

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One of our early PlanHQ customers has been an entrepreneur Patrick Koppula who founded one of the worlds biggest social music sites and facebook applications ilike and now founded and heads up video recommendation site FFWD. This video below is from an event I arrived late to last year where Patrick tells his story of how he went from product manager of garageband.com a company...(Read more)

Raising VC money - Jeff Clavier SoftTech VC

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Raising VC money - Jeff Clavier SoftTech VC

I had the chance to speak with Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC back at the web 2 summit last year about raising money from VC's. Jeff specializes in online businesses based in Silicon Valley, but as a very experienced entrepreneur and investor, he's got a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs, thanks Jeff! Video by:

PlanHQ for VC’s - Vineet Buch from Blue Run Ventures

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I've had a lot of discussions with VC's over the last 4 months, about PlanHQ as a tool for helping work with management teams of portfolio companies to evolve and work to plan. Here's a conversation I had with Vineet Buch from Blue Run Ventures at the web 2.0 summit in October last year. We filmed this for a soon to air StartupTV series in...(Read more)

Who are your competitors?

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Who are your competitors?

When you start a new business, it is tempting to pretend you live in a competitor free environment. It is frightening to think you have to recognise other businesses who are big and successful and dominate the market. Even if you secretly keep an eye on them, you'd NEVER tell potential investors... would you? Well... if you don't you're doing yourself a disservice. If you pretend they...(Read more)