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Staying on top of Contacts

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I remember a time when it was easy to stay in touch with everyone I wanted to, if I met someone interesting, I stayed in contact and kept naturally kept the communication going.

Can’t stay in touch with everyone

But nowadays this just isn’t possible, and above is just one stack of cards from the past 4 months that haven’t made it into my address book or path of follow-up communication, and a huge amount of others have. I stay in touch with a lot of people, more than ever before, and try and focus on the best relationships who I can make it happen with in the near future, but I also meet plenty of other cool people who I’d like to keep more in contact with, or even just have emailed after chatting so they know I appreciated our conversation and looked forward to catching up whenever we did next.

Getting key contacts in sync quickly

I get the key contacts I’ll be working with soon into my iphone quickly and this then syncs up with my various address books and web contact/CRM services via Plaxo and their cool syncing tool that sits in my Mac toolbar, which is my base. But, after a Saturday eating through my inbox, I still have a way to go, and getting past the great relationships I’ve got going and are doing things with right now seems like something that will just never happen. If I haven’t got back to you and we’ve caught up, I remember you, and look forward to catching up again sometime soon!