Super Quick Action Re-sheduling

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As you and your team move through your week and month ahead, you re-prioritize and re-schedule as new opportunities arise, your focus becomes clearer, and you get a feel for how much you’ll still be able to do by the weeks end, so your productivity and management tools need to make this process super quick for you!

Fast re-scheduling

Until now when you re-schedule actions on PlanHQ you’ve had to open an action, make a change and re-save it, and if you’d made lots of changes, sometimes you’d have to refresh your dashboard, team, or goal page to get the updated view once you’d made lots of changes. Well, we’ve heard the pain and felt it ourselves, and working close will cool customers like Steve Krein and the team at Organized Wisdom, we’re pleased to say, we’ve just made this a whole lot quicker. You can quickly change the due date of an action without having to open the action, and when you’ve changed a date, the action automagically moves to where it needs to (eg. this week, next week…). Here’s a quick video of it in action.

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