Going Global

Building a Lightweight Business

Getting Things Done, Going Global, build a killer team, sustainability | Tim Norton | 1 Comment

At PlanHQ we’re big on being small and lean. It’s all about getting big results out of small high-powered teams. I did a presentation the other week on building a lightweight global business after being selected as the Wellington Regional Management Champion. The slides don’t say it all, but I cover a few lightweight businesses I’m involved in building, and do the weigh-in on a successful cycling community we’ve got running in the UK. Step 1 to going lightweight, grab PlanHQ and use your spare time to make serious progress.

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Building a Virtual Team and a Green Business

Going Global, PlanHQ, build a killer team, sustainability | Tim Norton | 1 Comment

There are huge advantages of running your business virtually. When you build your business around people and outcomes, instead of an office, you focus on making your business very transparent, goal focused and systematic, so you get some amazing benefits. Its easy to plug new people into the team and get them productive You're lightweight (low cost and small footprint) People can put energy into growing the business...(Read more)

5 ways to Go Global and Go Big the smart way

Customer Experience, Going Global, build a killer team, starting-up | PlanHQ | 1 Comment

There's a business model that is emerging and proving itself through some very significant real success stories now, and its exciting because its a way of operating every small business can live by to create significant global impact and success. I've just been listening to Mark Zuckerberg here at the web 2.0 summit, the very young founder of what is emerging as the largest most used...(Read more)

Cable Car Challenger Finals

Going Global, growing, plan smarter, starting-up, success | PlanHQ | 1 Comment

Last night I went along to the finals of the Cable Car Challenge. I was blown away by some of the finalists, with everything from a uniquely New Zealand salad bar, to online startups like Medrecruit (placing doctors based on lifestyle) and Hirethings (an online hire community), to extremely technical things that I couldn't quite get my head around. The winner was Eyemagnet, who are...(Read more)

Is your business booming?

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Is your business booming?

I've spent the day listening to Business is Booming from TVNZ on demand. It's on tv in New Zealand on Saturday mornings at 8am, but for those of us who sleep in and don't like ads it's all online. (The TVNZ website is a little weird, so go here and search for 'Business is Booming' to view the episodes or Subscribe to the Business is...(Read more)

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