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What I’ll do when I’ve ‘made it’ - Bigger things

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There’s so many ways to do something in the world that I feel I’ve had to touch but largely walk past until further notice… that further notice is having the time, ability and influence to be able to do something. I feel like I’m in stage 1 of life right now, quietly building up ability and influence, give back as part of my ventures and building the communities near to me, and at some point the business ventures I’m working on will give me more time and money.

Sustainable World Development
There’s so many ways to setup sustainable development that just require the time, love and smart thinking of people and a little money to get them through the first stages. But you’ve got to start somewhere, and I’d make a start with education and building capability and go up from there.

Sustainable Education
After my first trip through Cambodia, a way to help became clear. People want to learn, understand that they can create more value, and have a community spirit, but there time is dominated by surviving and they have no money.

So I’d rent a place in town, kit it out with some computers and start training a bunch of kids (probably the ones that could already speak some english and had a start on using computers) on how to be web geniuses and make a living on the web.

The deal would be simple. I pay for everything, and for every person I train, they have to train someone else further down the chain of knowledge, until it filtered through to getting people into there first introductions to computers.

Beyond Charity - Sustainable development
My role in the organization is then 2-fold. Train the trainers, and secure commercial work around the world that starts to cover the cost of the facility and pay the trainers who would now be paid web consultants. Eventually the organization is either transitioned over to the people as a business, or maintained as a non-profit by the community.

I’d also work on recruiting support from educated travelers who pass through and want to do something but feel helpless.

From the first we would grow more, a network across Cambodia, South East Asia, and other countries who are in a similar position. Because I’ll have made it by this point, I can start and fund as many as I chose before they each become financially self sufficient.

Building capability in all key areas of the world
I start with computers and web stuff because I know it, can teach people, train someone to be a web designer, to market, build a community of knowledge around the web… but then would open this education model up, use the PR from doing this successfully to meet other people who want to give their expertise to train others and move into other high value areas of the world to help small struggling local economies build their future.

So that kick starts a sustainable education and builds an initial economic base (creating value and delivering it to the world) and builds a good network of people who care all round the world.

Then onto Stage 2…. sustainable energy & transport and independent media… But for now… Back to making it ; )

Post inspired by Rowan Simpson

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