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Financial and Metrics Management

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The Financials section of PlanHQ has remained the same for a while, and though it provides a simple way to keep  track of your financial data, we think it would be great if you could track more than just the default profitability for your financial data. So we’re planning some changes which would allow you to track additional statistics on your finances along with data that isn’t financial in nature, such as customer numbers.

New Financial & Metric tracking options
Tracking Categories

Shown above is an example of the types of data you could monitor with our planned changes and below is an example of how a new metric such as customer numbers would be tracked. Before we get into implementing these changes, we’d love to have your thoughts and feedback on what numbers are important to you and knowing whether you’re on track, and  how useful these changes will be to you.

Tracking numerical data
Non Financial Data Tracking

Your company Plan and Automating Progress Reporting

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We've got some major changes in the pipeline to the way you view your company plan and generate automate, progress reports against this plan. This is something up and coming that we want your input on, so let us know your thoughts. Here are the initial design concepts we've done. (click on them to zoom). We've used some real goals from our own product plan so...(Read more)