Day 2 - Change the world one wall at a time

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Day 2 and 3 and my favorite - the waves - start coming in. This is the only part of the painting that wasn’t exactly the same as the original photo, as the surf at our place at Ohope isn’t very big, so Ruth turned to a surf mag and put in the dream waves…

Some shots from Day 2 

Marie-Claire Joins PlanHQ to head up New Zealand

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I'm really happy to announce that Marie-Claire has just joined the PlanHQ team to to head up New Zealand Business Development and help grow New Zealand businesses! So far, most of our customers are in the US and a growing number in Europe (and some others scattered in Australia, Japan, China), but PlanHQ is a New Zealand owned company, and we've always had big intentions in...(Read more)

Manage your team and stay productive - New Team Tab

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Once you're mapping out your company goals, you and the team need to break them up into little bits and make sure everyone in the team is busy on achieving the goals. Whether you're managing a team or part of the team, keeping a manageable workload for yourself and everyone else that will lead you to achieve your plan is number 1. I have a small...(Read more)

Update your Make it Happen RSS Feed if you haven’t

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I still notice that over a hundred people are still reading this Make it happen blog using our old feed address, I'm keeping it active so we don't lose you ofcourse, but it would be cool if you could switch to the new one we opened up a few months ago so its easier for us to track whats going on, here's the new one:...(Read more)

Financial Post - Measure Actions against Projections

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The Canadian Financial Post just did a review on PlanHQ under there section on tools of the trade for small businesses, check out Measure action against projections. I like the way they've marked up our interface, as below.