Raising VC money - Jeff Clavier SoftTech VC

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I had the chance to speak with Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC back at the web 2 summit last year about raising money from VC’s. Jeff specializes in online businesses based in Silicon Valley, but as a very experienced entrepreneur and investor, he’s got a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs, thanks Jeff!

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PlanHQ interview on NPost

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PlanHQ interview on NPost

Here's an interview I did with Nathan Kaiser from Npost. Nathan does a pretty awesome job of not only keeping up with all the online startups around, but also 1 by 1 interviews CEO's from web startups from all around. Thanks Nathan, a great resource.

PlanHQ for VC’s - Vineet Buch from Blue Run Ventures

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I've had a lot of discussions with VC's over the last 4 months, about PlanHQ as a tool for helping work with management teams of portfolio companies to evolve and work to plan. Here's a conversation I had with Vineet Buch from Blue Run Ventures at the web 2.0 summit in October last year. We filmed this for a soon to air StartupTV series in...(Read more)

Tim O’Reilly speaks with PlanHQ

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I had the opportunity to speak with Tim O'Reilly founder and CEO of O'Reilly media at the web 2 summit last year, and since I was wandering around with a TV camera following me for the soon to screen Startup TV, we got some of our chat on camera, here's what Tim has to say about helping businesses grow on the web and where something...(Read more)

PlanHQ Interview with CBC TV

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PlanHQ Interview with CBC TV

Here's an interview by Kevin Hnatiuk from Canadian CBC TV and New Media Manitoba on PlanHQ. This just aired last night, and was filmed on the pavilion floor just after we did our 6 minutes on stage at the DEMO conference. After watching our DEMO on stage, Kevin really picked up on how PlanHQ is like your personal trainer except for your business, an analogy...(Read more)