Marie-Claire Joins PlanHQ to head up New Zealand

PlanHQ | Tim Norton | 0 Comments

I’m really happy to announce that Marie-Claire has just joined the PlanHQ team to to head up New Zealand Business Development and help grow New Zealand businesses!

So far, most of our customers are in the US and a growing number in Europe (and some others scattered in Australia, Japan, China), but PlanHQ is a New Zealand owned company, and we’ve always had big intentions in helping the New Zealand business community as well. We’ve had some great support from some New Zealand businesses who have joined up with us early (thanks!), and now after having some good initial success around the world, a journey we’re only just beginning, its time for us to put a focus on New Zealand as well.

Marie-Claire is a big advocate and supporter of New Zealand businesses and over the last few years Marie-Claire has assisted over 200 companies to access funding, make commercial connections and plan more effectively. So keep an eye out for her racing around the country, an awesome girl to catchup with, welcome Marie-Claire!

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