PlanHQ on Business is Booming TV Show

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We did a small segment in a TV series in New Zealand last year called Business is Booming which gives advice and tells stories of small businesses. We've only just got this video of the 3 minute segment on where businesses go wrong with business plans and how PlanHQ gets you to achieve your plans and build your business as an asset.

Staying on top of Contacts

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I remember a time when it was easy to stay in touch with everyone I wanted to, if I met someone interesting, I stayed in contact and kept naturally kept the communication going. Can't stay in touch with everyone But nowadays this just isn't possible, and above is just one stack of cards from the past 4 months that haven't made it into my address book...(Read more)

Track your progress, see what you’ve done

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When you're managing your weekly priorities and getting things done, its good to look back over the week as it comes to an end, and over the last few weeks and see what you and your team have actually done. We've just added in simple progress tracking on team members, so you can look over you and your team members progress over the last...(Read more)

Unscheduled Down Time

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Unscheduled Down Time

Apologies to anyone who was effected by the unscheduled downtime that occurred earlier today. Our site host experienced an unexpected outage, causing PlanHQ to be down between 2:30 and 3:00 PST, with a possibility of 90mins of poor performance prior to this. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused, and if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Managing Weekly Priorities as a Team

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We're pretty big on managing our workload for the week ahead, and PlanHQ has been made to make this really easy to do it for yourself and together as a team. We've got heaps on, and every person is working on things towards achieving multiple goals across the business, so on Monday we get together and see whats on each others plate for the week...(Read more)