How to be an early riser

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I’ve enjoyed the nights for much of my life, I’ve come up with some of my best ideas, started businesses, built my international network, designed things, made music, and generally done some of my best stuff in the quiet hours of the late evening and wee hours.

Often after a busy day getting things done, the evenings are a place where I find my peace, and let the calmness of mind find a natural flow, you can feel that the world around you is sleeping, and it feels nice. Also I just generally go pretty hard, so find myself getting through as much as I can before I hit the land of zzz’s. But recently I’ve started re-discovering the early mornings and are finding the same peace I’ve enjoyed in the evenings. The difference is, that after a nice start, the rest of the day is still to come, and I’m finding that I’m really well setup to hit the day with the power that I love to.

Since I had such a beneficial attachment to the nights, I knew I needed a tool to help get my into early morning mode, so I found this article How to be an early riser by a pretty well rounded guy Steve Pavlina.

Non-negotiable wakey wakey

The number 1 takeaway for me in this article was setting a time to getup and sticking to it 7 days a week. Steve talks about the negotiating that often goes on in the morning when you’re sucking up those extra few minutes of warmth, and giving your self the means to enjoy maybe another half hour of sleep, I related that and saw my weakness and decided to make my wake-ups non-negotiable, and to help stay accountable entered into a deal with a friend who wanted the same early starts, where we text each other every morning some words of morning goodness to remind ourselves that the day has begun, and it is going to be great!

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  1. You’ve chosen the hardest part of the year for it, as the nights get longer and the mornings are darker! What time have you picked as being non-negotiable?

    - Rob :)

    Rob Coup | Apr 17th, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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