PlanHQ Product Enhancements

Managers and Staff Member Security Roles in PlanHQ

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We’ve simplified the security roles in PlanHQ so you can get your whole team involved and limit who sees what that when you add a team member you can make them either:

Manager: Has unrestricted access. They can view and manage all the company data, including financials, others private goals and reports

Staff Members: Restricted access - Cannot view the company reports, Have summary or no access to financials and can only view private goals if invited by a manager.

Board Members/Advisers: Unrestricted Access, but they cannot be assigned goals or actions. When major changes are made to the plan or goals are completed, managers can choose to email the board/advisers.

Getting the whole team on board

As more medium size companies come on board with a clearer distinction between managers and staff members, but a need to get everyone in the team working together in PlanHQ having these roles has become key. Once you start managing weekly priorities as a team, and get everyone tracking their progress, the whole team is on the same page, and you really start achieving goals.

PlanHQ in sync with ical, google calendar and your iphone

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PlanHQ in sync with ical, google calendar and your iphone

If you live by your calendar being with you everywhere, then you'll know how much you need your Business Management and Getting things done tools like PlanHQ to play with your other calendars; on your computer, on the web and on your phone. If you're not already using it, get your PlanHQ plan pushing out to your ical calendar and mobile. Start by clicking on...(Read more)

Reports Update - Our Plan and Our Progress

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We've just made some updates to PlanHQ reporting to make it easier to see your overall business plan and your progress against this plan. Our Plan Tab The our Plan Tab is a simple view of your strategy, your goals and your financial forecast across your whole business, or for any particular area. Our Progress Tab The Our Progress tab lets you see progress across the business or for...(Read more)

Simple Regular Reporting

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In our enhancements of the application we are replacing the document tab with a more detailed Reports tab, which is simpler to use and encourages more frequent evaluation of what you have achieved and where your plan is heading: The new reporting tab will allow you to view your past progress as well as your future plans over different time periods and by business area.You...(Read more)

Major Enhancements to PlanHQ

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We are excited to inform you that next week there will be some major enhancements to PlanHQ. We are thrilled about the upgrades and hope that you will enjoy them too! There are 3 major changes you can expect to see: A brand new, simpler to use interface with a more consistent user experience and a greater focus on achieving your business's goals, hitting your financial targets and...(Read more)