Managers and Staff Member Security Roles in PlanHQ

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We’ve simplified the security roles in PlanHQ so you can get your whole team involved and limit who sees what that when you add a team member you can make them either:

Manager: Has unrestricted access. They can view and manage all the company data, including financials, others private goals and reports

Staff Members: Restricted access - Cannot view the company reports, Have summary or no access to financials and can only view private goals if invited by a manager.

Board Members/Advisers: Unrestricted Access, but they cannot be assigned goals or actions. When major changes are made to the plan or goals are completed, managers can choose to email the board/advisers.

Getting the whole team on board

As more medium size companies come on board with a clearer distinction between managers and staff members, but a need to get everyone in the team working together in PlanHQ having these roles has become key. Once you start managing weekly priorities as a team, and get everyone tracking their progress, the whole team is on the same page, and you really start achieving goals.

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