PlanHQ in sync with ical, google calendar and your iphone

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If you live by your calendar being with you everywhere, then you’ll know how much you need your Business Management and Getting things done tools like PlanHQ to play with your other calendars; on your computer, on the web and on your phone. If you’re not already using it, get your PlanHQ plan pushing out to your ical calendar and mobile. Start by clicking on the syncronize with my calendar button on your dashboard. My mix is Google Calendar, ical for mac and iphone, and once you’re in sync with PlanHQ, you’ll never go back.

PlanHQ in Google Calendar

planhq google calendar ical sync

PlanHQ on your iPhone

PlanHQ - Dashboard

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  1. [...] documents in their engine.) It’s early days for PlanHQ connecting into the eco-system, we link in with Google Calendar and the iphone in the most basic way, which works cool, but we’ll over the coming months be doing a lot [...]

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