Is your business booming?

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I’ve spent the day listening to Business is Booming from TVNZ on demand. It’s on tv in New Zealand on Saturday mornings at 8am, but for those of us who sleep in and don’t like ads it’s all online. (The TVNZ website is a little weird, so go here and search for ‘Business is Booming’ to view the episodes or Subscribe to the Business is Booming RSS feed)

Business is Booming is not like regular tv and that’s a good thing. Chocka block full of stories about successful businesses, tips for planning for tax, exporting, growth and how to make your business more sustainable, it’s a must see for every business owner. There’s no drama or tantrums in this program, just good quality advice and stories, like tv should be. It’s also pretty incredible the people they have on the programme, move over Donald Trump - some of NZ’s most successful business people and companies willingly give their time to pass on what they know. Even if you don’t live in New Zealand, take a look, laugh a our kiwi accents and get some really good advice from some really successful businesses who are making it happen.

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