Cable Car Challenger Finals

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Last night I went along to the finals of the Cable Car Challenge. I was blown away by some of the finalists, with everything from a uniquely New Zealand salad bar, to online startups like Medrecruit (placing doctors based on lifestyle) and Hirethings (an online hire community), to extremely technical things that I couldn’t quite get my head around. The winner was Eyemagnet, who are revolutionising advertising worldwide.

The guys from Medrecruit and Hirethings celebrate their signed copies of

Guy Kawasakis book ‘The Art of the Start’ and their $2,000 cheques.

Some of the plans that didn’t quite reach the finals should be watched as well - I talked to one guy who has invented a net to go over recycling bins so that all our rubbish doesn’t end up on the streets or in the ocean! Simple but effective. Good luck to everyone who entered - now you’ve got a business plan, it’s going to be a matter of making it happen!

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  1. Nice work guys, good to see buddies taking getting into the top ranks of this comp, you’ve worked hard, hope everyone else keeps inspired and making their plans happen, a competition starts and finishes, your business keeps on rolling!

    Tim | Oct 17th, 2007 at 5:57 am

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