PlanHQ Acquired by 360 Partners

PlanHQ | 6th Feb 12 | 1,850 views | 2 Comments

Some exciting news - PlanHQ has been acquired by 360 Partners Advisors. 360 Partners are an Australian business advisory and accounting firm that have considerable expertise in business modeling and roll out. Alex Hammond (Director 360 Partners) advised that the acquisition was a “natural fit” for 360 Partners. “360 Partners has developed a reputation as being pioneers in the small business startup space. We actively pursue new business technologies and encourage clients to use the latest solutions to keep ahead of the pack. In that regard it was a no brainer to acquire PlanHQ when the opportunity arose. It’s a powerful platform with an awful lot of potential. Tim and the team have done a great job and we intend on taking it further with several new features under development. KPI management is the next big item and once implemented PlanHQ will be the only cloud platform in the world that delivers all of these features as one solution”.

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  1. I’m interested in discussing this product for the Canadian Market. I see it adding real value to small to medium business , especially with the additional apps you mentioned.

    John Plante

    John Plante | Feb 7th, 2012 at 1:35 pm
  2. Thanks for the comments John. PlanHQ is a great platform for business planning and more importantly business plan implementation. The big appeal with PlanHQ is that it focuses more on “making it happen” (implementation) and less on traditional business plan documentation. We still believe that business plan documents are important and they certainly have their place (and PlanHQ does have some text base business plan features).

    We welcome input on features you’d like to see in the future so post them if you have them.

    PlanHQ | Feb 7th, 2012 at 9:14 pm

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