Building a Virtual Team and a Green Business

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There are huge advantages of running your business virtually. When you build your business around people and outcomes, instead of an office, you focus on making your business very transparent, goal focused and systematic, so you get some amazing benefits.

  1. Its easy to plug new people into the team and get them productive
  2. You’re lightweight (low cost and small footprint)
  3. People can put energy into growing the business anytime that suits their life
  4. Everyone focuses on action and measurable outcomes.

See: 20 Benefits of building a green start-up and going 100% virtual

The business of the future is here today

We’re fortunate to work with some very cool companies with PlanHQ, and have for the last few months been working very close with serial entrepreneur Steve Krein and the team at Organized Wisdom to get PlanHQ working like a well oiled machine for their Human Powered Health Search business and the virtual team they’re building to make it happen. As experienced entrepreneurs, Organized Wisdom is very deliberate in building their business virtually, and understand how this mode of operating is better for the people involved, the environment, and the wallet all in one. Here’s their take on the 20 Benefits of building a green start-up and going 100% virtual.

Business Week has just done an article To Expand your Business Go Home on how Organized Wisdom is building a completely virtual business and reaping the benefits using tools like PlanHQ.

Big thanks to the Steve, Unity and the team at Organized Wisdom for continuing to throw everything at PlanHQ and help us get make it something that you just don’t want to do business without. Much more to come!

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  1. Virtual Teams bring a whole different dynamic. I’ve been a bit ahead of the curve and worked / managed virtual teams since about ‘03. Difficulties lye in communication, ie interpreting emotions through emails, short emails can mean busy not necessarily anger, language barriers (worked with a lady from russia, who learnt korean, then from korean to english), different time zones.

    However the major advantages are faster, more dynamic teams that are results based. The output of some of the teams i’ve managed has been magnitudes on kiwi teams which frequently need to meet in person (which generally relates to cost savings as well). Interesting topic….

    Ben Young | Aug 11th, 2008 at 9:49 pm

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