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Could Your Business Idea Save the Planet?

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Climate change offers only one good thing to the planet… The opportunity to be part of the solution. If you have a business idea for a product or service that embraces a new, greener lifestyle AND a solid plan for making it happen within the next 2 years , you could win 500,000 euros…

If you entered the Cable Car Challenge, you are pretty much ready to go… If not, get started now because entries close on 30th August.

The Picnic Green Challenge is open to any individual from any country, companies, businesses or any other institutions are also eligible. You submit your entry online, in english, but you do have to get yourself to Amsterdam on September 29th if you are one of the 5 finalists - And I’d say the publicity alone would be woth it.

So Act Now and submit your entry… Good LUCK!

Is a Smaller Piece of A Bigger Pie a Better Meal?

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Is a Smaller Piece of A Bigger Pie a Better Meal?

Wil Schroter from the Go Big Network just asked a very good question. A lot of business, especially web based startups have a revenue model of selling to a large company and taking their place at a big dinner table. Wil has asked whether this is the right thing for you to do and has come up with a list of well reasoned points to...(Read more)

370 businesses making it happen

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We've just this week closed off entrants to the Wellington Business Plan Competition - The Cable Car Challenge and received around 370 signups, around half of which got their entry down to the 2 pages required to get to the 1st round of judges for initial screening. The competition is really just getting going at this point, and it's been brilliant to meetup with some of...(Read more)

How to attract investors and keep them interested

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How to attract investors and keep them interested

If you've never traveled the investment road before, you may find it ridden with potholes. In this half hour presentation delivered by Tim and edited to perfection by our superb Videographer Pattara (no more shaky film!!!), you can glean some simple but vital ways of filling in the potholes and smoothing the path to investment utopia. Part one takes you from the groundwork you need to...(Read more)

4 Questions you Need to Answer

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4 Questions you Need to Answer

I spent the morning at a workshop on 'the peculiarities of marketing software' run by Melissa Clark-Reynolds at The Business Centre. It was fascinating. There were about 20 of us there and the first thing she asked us to do was introduce our businesses by answering four questions: What is the problem you solve? It is amazing how hard it is not to launch straight into your...(Read more)