Knowing when to keep going, and what to change

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One of our early PlanHQ customers has been an entrepreneur Patrick Koppula who founded one of the worlds biggest social music sites and facebook applications ilike and now founded and heads up video recommendation site FFWD. This video below is from an event I arrived late to last year where Patrick tells his story of how he went from product manager of a company that eventually burnt through all of its $17million in venture funding, to one of 2 entrepreneurs who worked for nothing for months and raised fresh money to buy the business and relaunch it with a new focus at - a site with over 10 million users and counting. (Watch the whole 5 minutes, as the story grows from quiet to boiling point).

When everyone was saying its over, the business is dead, Patrick and his co-founder kept pushing and listened to why the VC’s were saying no and eventually changed course and found the right mix to raise the money and succeed. Apparently Patrick still has plenty of time to be a musician and producer, Patrick, you’re an inspiration!

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