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Nik just sent an email around our team with a few cool comments he’s received in the support box from customers over the last few weeks, to share the love with the rest of us.

It’s great to get this sort of stuff come in from customers, we like many cool companies don’t just make a product and push it out there, we’re trying to make a difference, make it easier for people to start and grow their businesses, often major parts of their lives and full of their dreams and values. This is real stuff that means something to people. So when people talk with Nik who makes it his mission to be all over our customers when they’ve got something to say or an issue, they feel every bit of this coming through.

“Nik… thanks for the reply! It’s really not that big of a problem, was just
curious. Plan HQ rocks!!!”

“Just found out about your service yesterday and it totally rocks! ”

“Great service! … Thanks and keep up the great work!”

“overall; i’m really positive about the planhq solution - it’s fast
and easy to navigate.”

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