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When you’re in business, you always want happy customers. Focusing on money and sales may get you somewhere, but if you want long term success you need to focus on creating and managing an awesome customer experience.

A good customer experience can easily become your number 1 sales and marketing asset, generating genuine positive word of mouth which gives you sales, at no direct cost. A happy customer tells other people, this organically creates a growing source of leads, something we all need as part of our marketing machine. Its kind of like a garden, if you look after the plants you do have, they grow more seeds (leads) for you, and before you know it, your garden is twice the size!

I know PlanHQ works when you get into it, we’ve got plenty of customers who get there, and we use it extensively ourselves, but there’s still that barrier of getting the right people to find it, (the first stage in a customer experience), then making sure when they come on board, they get past the first few times and into really using it to grow their business, here’s a few comments we just got from a new customer over a few day period as they started to get into PlanHQ.

Day 1: “I worked all night on PlanHQ with my old static business plan next to me. Filled in the numbers, answered all the questions … it sure makes you think ! After 12 months of business development this product made me feel confident that it will all happen. It’s the best business tool I have ever used. Thanks PlanHQ!

A few days later: “You’ve got a customer for life ! I’ll keep this short as I’m busy working on PlanHQ right now. It’s so good that it’s almost addictive …

The low price does not reflect the value of this tool but as a start-up I’m happy with that. I will get back to you with more feedback but for now … back to PlanHQ !”

Quoted from: Yves from Live the Life TV.

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