Why are YOU in business?

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Most people assume you get into business to make a LOT of money… Eventually.

If that were true, everyone who had made a lot of money would take it and head to the beach, but many seem to just work harder.

I’ve met people who have fought growth at all costs. They’ve done the hard yards in another career, this one is about lifestyle, about having something they can control and enjoy.

Others do it for their beliefs. They simply don’t want to add to what they consider the ‘problem’ and instead want to be part of the solution. Working for a company that they don’t believe in is not an option, working for themselves is.

Some people have no choice. The world they live in is so full of ideas, they can’t fight the urge to move on them.

Still more want flexibility. They have kids, they value their time. They NEED to be able to take Thursday afternoons off to go to soccer practice

Know why you’re in, to see how you get out

I recently talked to a couple of guys who are in the business of helping people figure out how they want to leave their business. Do you want to sell up? Pass it onto your family? Become a silent partner?

If you don’t know why you’re in business, you’ll have no idea what you want to get out of in in 5 years time, ten years time or how it will all end for you.

…So, why are you in business?

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