The Ability to Execute

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People who build successful business know its about your ability execute, to take great ideas and turn them into reality.

Investors look for executors

Smart investors know this too, and back people who are good executers. I’ve been reading the redeye VC blog of Josh Kopelman quite a bit recently, and Josh a serial entrepreneur and early stage VC offers up invaluable advice to help you hone your abilities as an entrepreneur, build a more successful business and be more attractive to investors like him.

Getting better at execution

Josh mentions a few key points in his article on the ability to execute, including building a good team, Focusing on core business, and building a culture of accountability where everyone is aware of their commitments and can track their progress. Here’s his comments:
“Is there clear operating plan with monthly/quarterly/annual goals/milestones?  Does the CEO hold him/herself and their team accountable for commitments?  Is there a dashboard to track key metrics? Are they disciplined about forecasting” I think Josh is spot on, and reminds me of how we help you execute PlanHQ style.

A Dashboard to track key Metrics

Being Accountable and achieving goals

Executing on PlanHQ

What’s clear in traditional business plan software is that it’s focused on helping you create a document and a spreadsheet, it helps you make a plan for one-off purposes, but it doesn’t help you make it happen and track progress. As people who have built businesses before and now, we know that the real value of a business plan is that it’s happening, it’s getting achieved - You’re executing.

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  1. Great point about the living business - it is exactly what you guys have created - keep it up!

    Al | Jul 8th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

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