Planning to Stay Small

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We plan to grow. We designed PlanHQ to help businesses grow… But what about businesses who plan to stay SMALL?

Piccolo is world renowned in Wellington as a tiny slice of Italy, with a 5 table restaurant brimming with atmosphere and top class Italian food. This is fine dining and ambiance, luxury food… For $15 a main.

They have just opened another restaurant, staffed by 2 people (the owner and the chef), the new place follows the same aims:

  • Stay small enough to be able to pull up a chair, grab a beer and treat every diner like a guest in their home
  • Keep costs down to a level where you can offer a luxury dining experience for Wellingtonians on a budget
  • Open a few small, self contained restaurants, instead of one large one - avoid dis-economies of scale.

When you look at those aims, you realise the complexity of the plan behind achieving them…

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