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PlanHQ Roadmap
We get a lot f feedback from customers and we continue to tune PlanHQ to be super useful for achieving goals. We’ve recently added a section to this blog called Product Roadmap.

We’ll be posting what major product goals we have coming up and whats recently been achieved. We also make lots of little tweaks, every week, but rather than always blog about them, we’re putting some of the more significant ones on a page called lil tweaks. Periodically we’ll put up a post with a bunch of tweaks so you’re up to date with the latest.

Have your Say

We get hundreds of emails from you through support and feedback within the app, and talk closely and share where what our specific plans with some customers to get direct input, but now we’re going to put our products plans out in the open, so have your say, wen you see a new planned enhancement coming, make a comment on the post, and leave your email address, and lets work together!

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