Sailing the world and generating power

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I had the pleasure this weekend of sailing around the Wellington Harbour with captain Glenn Andert and his partner Pamela in the learjet that he’s been sailing for the last 3 years around the pacific between home #1 in California and his new home with Pamela at #2 - New Zealand.

(The bend in the windmill blades is an illusion from the iphone capture I’m pretty sure)

Striking the balance on the ocean

A software architect by trade and co-founder of several IT companies, Glenn seems to have struck a pretty cool balance. Traveling long haul across legs of the pacific usually seems to involve spending time with locals at lovely islands, stopping at reefs for a week or so of diving, catching enough fish to eat along the way. And all the while the wind runs off the back of the main sail and flys straight into a 900 watt wind turbine, which keeps the computer and GPS going easily and tops up the onboard battery power supply. Humming along the Wellington harbor being powered by a sail of wind and generating energy at the same time just feels… right.


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