Getting Things Done

Managing Weekly Priorities as a Team

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We’re pretty big on managing our workload for the week ahead, and PlanHQ has been made to make this really easy to do it for yourself and together as a team. We’ve got heaps on, and every person is working on things towards achieving multiple goals across the business, so on Monday we get together and see whats on each others plate for the week ahead and re-prioritize until everyone has a workload thats achievable and that means we’ll have a killer week in terms of outcomes. Once you team is on this, its hard not to get completely hooked, things get done, goals get achieved, weeks feel very full.

Amiria is brilliant at managing her weekly workload and because we get super ambitious and normally put too much on her plate, we get together on Monday around her dashboard and work together on mapping out whats actually going to get done, and then she’s away until Friday where her plate is complete and I just see email notifications on my iphone telling me when all the work gets completed, which is just great.

Re-scheduling your goals and getting back on track

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Estimating when you're going to get things done is hard, and the reality is instead of assuming you'll get everything right up front, you need to actively re-schedule and re-prioritize as you make progress. If you get overdue, then rather than giving up on your plan and just getting back into the day to day, you need to get back on top of your goals, re-schedule...(Read more)

Getting things done with PlanHQ

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Getting things done with PlanHQ

Tim has just finished up at the Office 2.0 conference in San Fransisco, I would love to embed the the video of the panel discussion he was involved in 'Getting things done with Office 2.0', but this particular thing is quite hard to get done, so here's a link. The video is mainly an overview of the tool each panelist has been involved in building to...(Read more)

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