Achieving Goals Regularly

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Its one thing to get things done and eat through your action or task lists, but it really feels good when all that work leads to achieving a goal.

Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals Regularly

Goals can be set at many different levels, in PlanHQ some people set their long term strategic goals, but most set short and medium term goals that can actually be achieved in a reasonable period of time, so you’re regularly generating outcomes, rather than just staying busy. Like launching a new verison of your product, a new website, raising some money, hiring a sales person, launching a new marketing campaign, securing 3 major deals… These are visible and measurable outcomes that will change the state of your business. You know that when you achieve them they enable you to do something else you couldn’t before.

Think about what outcomes you want to see over the next few months, write them down and get them into your plan on PlanHQ and get to working on achieving them with your crew, and

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