Your company Plan and Automating Progress Reporting

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We’ve got some major changes in the pipeline to the way you view your company plan and generate automate, progress reports against this plan. This is something up and coming that we want your input on, so let us know your thoughts.

Here are the initial design concepts we’ve done. (click on them to zoom). We’ve used some real goals from our own product plan so we can illustrate what a plan in progress looks like for the product area of a business like ours. (Thanks to the customers who have input so far)

This Period

When you look at the current period, you see a both your plan and the progress you’ve made towards achieving it, making this a truly living plan that you and your team can mobilize around achieving.

planhq reports this quarter

The Plan

You can map out your company plan for the periods ahead. Periods without plans show as being sleepy, reminding you that you’ve got to make plans.

planhq reports next quarter

The Progress

Once you pass through a period (a month, a quarter, a year), you cam always look back at your progress reports, which show you what you’ve completed, what you made progress on and how you tracked financially against budget.

planhq reports last quarter

PlanHQ Roadmap - Have your say

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PlanHQ Roadmap - Have your say

We get a lot f feedback from customers and we continue to tune PlanHQ to be super useful for achieving goals. We've recently added a section to this blog called Product Roadmap. We'll be posting what major product goals we have coming up and whats recently been achieved. We also make lots of little tweaks, every week, but rather than always blog about them, we're putting...(Read more)