Start-Up TV and helping Start-Ups

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Starting businesses is a massive challenge, and there’s a few things you learn that help you stay on the path to success. Having a plan and achieving goals, building up experiences and sharing in those of others.

PlanHQ already helps plenty of Start-Ups, entrepreneurs flesh their plan out and keep their team on track and achieve goals. I’ve started a few businesses so far, and while still early in the journey, I’ve had the experience of being profitable from day one on services, self funding a failed product development, building up a small design company, acquiring another to successfully grow, raising money for and building PlanHQ to where we’re at so far, and advising a few other cool companies. So with this combined, we’re playing a lead role in a TV series called StartUp TV.

2nd day of pitching for the Start-ups

What StartUp TV is all about

StartUp TV follows the stories of a bunch of Start-ups on their journey to success, and I along with a panel of online experts like A list Blogger Richard MacManus/Read Write Web, Trademe CEO Jon McDonald and others are trying to pick the some of the best and where we can help them on their journey. We’re into week 5 of production, and after 2 Saturdays of entrepreneurs pitching and panel sessions, we are down to half a dozen cool Start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs, and we’ve set them off to make progress on the biggest challenges that face their business right now. 2 More weeks and we’re back to check them out, and see who’s nailed it. The series filmed in New Zealand, will air on TV one, before being available online for everyone from the StartUp website and through number 10 blog Read Write Web.

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