Koz at Railsconf 08 in Portland next week

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Koz at Railsconf 08 in Portland next week

It's that time of year again, and PlanHQ co-founder and CTO and Rails core team member Koz will be in Portland next week speaking at O'reilly Railsconf. If you're in the Rails community you'll know who Koz is, but if you're looking at doing something with PlanHQ and in the area, then try and connect with Koz.

PlanHQ’s Method takes care of the madness

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An Article in Wellington's Dominion Post talks about how PlanHQ helps teams work together on setting the businesses goals and making them happen. It's possible they could have taken the picture of me at a worse moment... I think ; )

Reports Update - Our Plan and Our Progress

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We've just made some updates to PlanHQ reporting to make it easier to see your overall business plan and your progress against this plan. Our Plan Tab The our Plan Tab is a simple view of your strategy, your goals and your financial forecast across your whole business, or for any particular area. Our Progress Tab The Our Progress tab lets you see progress across the business or for...(Read more)

PlanHQ on Business is Booming TV Show

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We did a small segment in a TV series in New Zealand last year called Business is Booming which gives advice and tells stories of small businesses. We've only just got this video of the 3 minute segment on where businesses go wrong with business plans and how PlanHQ gets you to achieve your plans and build your business as an asset.

Track your progress, see what you’ve done

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When you're managing your weekly priorities and getting things done, its good to look back over the week as it comes to an end, and over the last few weeks and see what you and your team have actually done. We've just added in simple progress tracking on team members, so you can look over you and your team members progress over the last...(Read more)