Getting a deal signed sealed and delivered

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Tom Stokell - A signed contractI just got a email and photo from my good friend Tom Stokell who’s been working hard for the last year in the UK to secure the first deal for his business, which helps get more people cycling to work by getting businesses to challenge each other in a cycling to work competition. The program his business runs creates the peer and social support that often helps people get things done and achieve outcomes, so I’m right on board with the approach.

I’ve been video chatting with Tom on skype every few nights over the last year as he’s been working on getting the business off the ground with deal number 1, and after assisting him through a couple of RFP’s to no avail, and supporting him through the usual long process of discussions with potential opportunities that never turn into dollars, its great to see his hard work pay off. Getting your first deals is what its all about when you’re starting up, if you’re on the path to this, then hang in their, work hard and get the photo of you and your contract out to your friends!

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