Financial and Metrics Management

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The Financials section of PlanHQ has remained the same for a while, and though it provides a simple way to keep  track of your financial data, we think it would be great if you could track more than just the default profitability for your financial data. So we’re planning some changes which would allow you to track additional statistics on your finances along with data that isn’t financial in nature, such as customer numbers.

New Financial & Metric tracking options
Tracking Categories

Shown above is an example of the types of data you could monitor with our planned changes and below is an example of how a new metric such as customer numbers would be tracked. Before we get into implementing these changes, we’d love to have your thoughts and feedback on what numbers are important to you and knowing whether you’re on track, and  how useful these changes will be to you.

Tracking numerical data
Non Financial Data Tracking

Site Outage

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Site Outage

Today our site had an unexpected outage from approximately 8pm till 9:50pm PST due to the failure of a power distribution unit with our hosting suppliers. The faulty unit has been replaced and the site is now running smoothly again, no data has been affected by this outage. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

New Zealand’s Global Business Community

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New Zealand's Global Business Community

It's been a full-on few months, and I've been operating in multi-venture mode using PlanHQ to switch between business and get a lot of stuff done. One of the most exciting things we've been working on over the ast few months is building and launching New Zealand's global business community - While most of our customers and readers of this blog are in the US...(Read more)

Building a Lightweight Business

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Building a Lightweight Business

At PlanHQ we're big on being small and lean. It's all about getting big results out of small high-powered teams. I did a presentation the other week on building a lightweight global business after being selected as the Wellington Regional Management Champion. The slides don't say it all, but I cover a few lightweight businesses I'm involved in building, and do the weigh-in on a...(Read more)