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Make your ideas real - without a workshop!

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Imagine if you could see the perfect piece of furniture, jewelery, art… in your minds eye and could then quickly move to making this a reality, without any tools or a workshop. Thats where the world is heading thanks to a cool Wellington company - Ponoko.

What Ponoko Looks like

The best way to get an idea of what Ponoko is all about is to see the final products (above) created by their first customers. (Still in beta for now.)

A startup who executes

I’ve known co-founder Dave Ten Have for quite a while now, he’s come from a software background and has recently sold his share of an IT company he founded and after some personal reflection, insight and time with co-founder and friend decided to sink that money straight back into their next big passion - and Ponoko was born. These guys have self funded the business to get it where it is now, and they’re now building an awesome brand with great visual identity, a top shelf team, beta customers, software in progress - they are heading into business at a full pace.

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  1. Thanks for the comment! We’re pretty stoked of where we’re at. Though do want to highlight that we’re in closed beta testing at the moment, which has been a great way to get fantastic feedback and iron out a few hiccups before we go to open beta (that’s when all those who have registered can put their inventive ideas to use!) which will be in a couple of months. The products that our closed beta designers have made has been fantastic - though we can’t lay claim to the mirror (the second of your two images above) - that was made by Paul Loebach, and just a great example of zero waste in design. The rest are all fantastic Ponoko designer inspirations though. We had a showcase night in Wellington http://www.ponoko.com/blog/2007/07/22/ponoko-beta-user-night-at-the-paramount/ that was superb, and the reaction to the designs to date has been great. We’d like to encourage all who are of a creative/inventive/design mind - from the starters to the serious, to definitely register with www.ponoko.com and get updates as to when we’ll offer our services in open beta. It’s going to be a great ride! Cheers, Nic.

    Nic Ward Able

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