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DEMO Starts today - Keep a watch out

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DEMO Fall 07 starts this evening, and we just went through our on stage rehearsal last night. After a great year in business, we’re feeling very relaxed about our product PlanHQ, which after 5 months of getting used by our first round of customers is now ready to help thousands of small-to-medium businesses around the world stay on track, succeed and achieve their plans.

There should be some really interesting companies launching at DEMO, Read/Write web has just done a quick review of the companies to watch at DEMO, good to see PlanHQ featuring there.

DEMO Rehearsal time in the Grand Ballroom last night

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  1. Mate, you are gonna do great at DEMO! Keep twittering away at how it goes :)

    Tim de Jardine
  2. dear lord just looking at the pic makes me nervous. Is there any way we can watch/view anything live?

  3. We had the pleasure of going up shortly before PlanHQ and I must say I’m a fan. As I was telling Michael, I really like the aspect of a collaborate effort that leads to a tangible object (the business plan “document”). But I also like that it constantly evolves. Looks like a great way for employees that join the team partway through the development game to get a clear sense of what the founding team set out to do.

    Oh, and nothing was available live, but from hearing folks it sounds like it doesn’t take too long for the videos to go up.

    Adam Darowski
  4. Thanks Adam, this was a really good track at DEMO, like what you’re upto as well, with all these tools working together, small businesses are going to be able to feel like a much bigger business.

    Was an intense few days, very rewarding!!


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