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make a plan AND make it happen

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We built PlanHQ for one reason, we want more people to make their dreams, their plans a reality, we want plans to be actioned, tracked and achieved, we want more people to make it happen!

To us and our customers its all about Making it Happen. So we’re relaunching our PlanHQ Blog as Make it Happen, and you can find us at http://makeithappenhq.com. Nat has pulled out a cool new design which we all love, so if you’re reading us through an RSS reader, pop over and check out the new look - Cheers Nat!

Turning Passion, words and talk into ACTION

When it comes to growing success, It’s all about turning your good ideas, the talk and words into real action. We see a world where their are talkers and doers. All the real differences in the world are made by the people that don’t just talk about it - they take all the next steps and make it happen.

We’re redefining business planning, no more static documents of what you ‘could’ or ‘might’ do, we’re going to help you make a plan AND Make it happen

What we’ll be covering
On Make It Happen we’ll be giving out heaps of insight and advice from us and the businesses we see make it happen. We’ll be a source of focus, talking to you exclusively about everything you need to take your best ideas and make it happen.

  • Turning Ideas into business and into action
  • Turning your business plan into a daily guiding light
  • How other successful people and businesses make it happen

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